It's The Simple Things

One of life's simple treasures:

Sitting on your couch late at night with nothing but the Christmas tree and decorations to light the room and listening to the rain dance on your roof and windows.

Another simple treasure:

Same as above, but with a kitty on your lap.

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This Is Halloween

A week of 90-100 degree weather in October. More fuel for my ever-growing disdain for California.

Luckily the temperature dropped by about 20-30 degrees overnight and it actually feels like Fall around here, brisk wind and all.

So between the weather and a number of concerns in my personal life, I haven't been much in the Halloween spirit. This is unfortunate considering it's my absolute most favoritest holiday ever. But it's the 30th and I don't even have a costume yet. Last year by this time not only did Vika and I have killer costumes, we had already been to a few parties.

Vika's nailed her costume and is finishing it up tonight. I have yet to settle on anything. Maybe I'll be some sort of necromancer/evil wizard thing to match her dark fairy. Maybe I'll be Lucifer Morningstar as portrayed in Sandman.

As for the night itself, we're going to the Castro and hitting up the streets, a party, and we even have a hotel room arranged with some friends.

I know it'll be a good time (crazy Castro antics and all).

I just can't bring myself to care all that much.

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Been a Long Time

One post in the month of September. At this rate it's looking like there will be one post in October as well. Needless to say, I'm pretty bad at this, which shouldn't be the case considering where I work.

Much of this is because I've been grappling with the site's content. My bullshit wanker rants are tired and have all been said before by far more eloquent writers.

But let's face it, most of this is because I'm lazy.

Perhaps I'll start a new blog for venting/reviews/wanker bullshit. However, these types of cruft will have no place on this site anymore.

Inspired by dooce, I'll be boring you all instead with wanker crufty nonsense about Vika, myself, and our pets.

Lucky you.

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Miko Likes It

One of the more evil things that has happened to Vika and I in recent memory is the abundance of Starbucks in our lives. For most of our time in Silicon Valley, we haven't been too close to one, whether at our house or at work. I would get my decaf coffee fix at whichever nice, quaint coffeehouse was close by my office.

When Vika got a new job, it turned out there was a Starbucks down the road. She began her everyday routine of succumbing to the marketing might of grande mocha-frappo-latte-cano-ista.

My downfall came with the move into the new office. There's a Starbucks right across El Camino from our building, taunting me. I find myself having uncontrollable urges to march across one of the busiest roads in all of the Valley to get a mediocre tasting venti iced decaf latte (or grande hot one if it's cold outside).

And to top it all off, a Starbucks recently opened at the little shopping center on the corner down the street from our house. With the evil within walking distance, we've started going over there with Miko on weekend mornings while taking him on his extra-long walk around the area.

What does this have to do with anything?

It turns out that even THE DOG is addicted. We give him a croissant while we suck down our coffee, and now when we take him for walks he pulls and pulls and pulls, trying in all desperation to cross the street and make it to sweet croissant escape. Last weekend he even begged to go outside not 30 mins after we had come back from a walk (in which he got his croissant), and sure enough he dragged us to Starbucks for another one.

We are so consumerism's bitch.

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Rock Out

I'm glad to see I'm not alone.

(Although to be fair, I love indie rock. Well, most of it anyways.)

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All That Glitters

Sign #2741 that you're living with Vika:

On a bright Summer day, you look over at the passenger-side seat and door of your car and realize that they're covered in glitter.

So sparkly...

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I've come to realize that one of the main reasons for my increasing level of agitation with California is congestion. The sheer volume of people here can be downright overwhelming. My opinion on this matter isn't helped by the fact that the only two places I've lived in California are probably the most populated areas in the state, Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

Not having much of a commute in my previous years in California, this has all become far more apparent due to my commute to the new office. Running late this morning, I was on the road after 10 am. 101N was completely jammed. At most you could travel 60 miles per hour and there was nowhere to go. For 30 miles. At 10 freakin' AM. Perhaps it was the remnants of an earlier jam. Or perhaps there's just too many damn people in this area. And don't even get me started on the utter hell that is driving the 880. I used to think that people in California couldn't drive (especially in LA). Now I realize that people can't drive regardless of where you are, there's just an exponentially smaller number of idiots on the road in other places.

But it's not just the ludicrous traffic at any given point of the day, the congestion can also be seen in one's everyday routines. Going to lunch? Have fun getting a table anywhere. Walking the dog? Yeah, you and 6 other couples, and nevermind the 10 others who are walking with their strollers and babies. You can't escape people. The malls are always jammed, the sidewalks always full, the grocery store lines always ridiculous. Bars, theaters, gas stations, everywhere. People people people.

"Well what about big cities?" you may point out. It's different in the case of New York, Boston, even San Francisco. The ever-teeming masses are part of city culture, part of their personality. It just feels right having all those buildings and people crammed in one "small" place. It's character.

However, most of Los Angeles and the Bay Area is not a tightly packed city. It's a huge festering example of urban sprawl. Strip malls and crappy suburban houses as far as the eye can see. There's something claustrophobic about having such open and spread out areas be so utterly full of people, cars, and horrid chain restaurants. It's like being in a far more densely populated (and trendier) version of Topeka.

I long for a place that is half the cost and has half the people of the Bay Area, but has great restaurants, bars, arts, and a whole lot of character and beautiful landscape and/or architecture. Oh wait, it's called Portland. Or is it Providence? Maybe it's Seattle or parts of Colorado.

Either way, it's not here.

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